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Farting in the shower.

I was getting shower head until I gave a steamed dumpling to my girlfriend.
by EntropyShack December 18, 2006
That turd which is dropped in the toilet during the time that one's friend/roommate/partner, etc. is in a nice hot shower, thus filling the steamy room with heavy poo stench.
This is usually the result of unfortunate timing, but can be used with malicious intent.
1. "Honey! I know you're in the shower, but I really need to use the toilet. This is an emergency!"
"No! Don't you dare give me the steamed dumpling!"

2. "It was so funny this morning...Pablo was in the shower and I snuck in and dropped the worst steamed dumpling. It didn't hit him till after I'd already made it out the door."
"Yeah! High Five!"
by Crankshaw September 28, 2009
The act of dangling a man's scrotum over a woman/man's anus which is then farted upon.
Yo, last night Rusty gave me the hottest steamed dumpling I have ever had.
by Daniel Amos October 14, 2007
The female version of a blumpkin. That is, eating out a chick while shes taking a shit.
My neck hurts so bad from the steamed dumpling I gave my wife last night.
by JorgonQ May 17, 2015
A form of foreplay in which a female places her mouth around a man's clothed genitals and blows hot air. The result is a steamed dumpling.
Ian went crazy when he got his first steamed dumpling.

It's freezing in here; can you give me a steamed dumpling?

I got my dumpling steamed!
by Dumplingsteamer May 04, 2010
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