1.The act of becoming invisible, to be in stealth; camouflaged

2.When you turn off your car's lights, put her into neutral, and turn off the car making zero noise going down any given road. You are now in stealthmode.

*note* should not be done on the highway or busy streets
*second note* your steering wheel and or brakes might die....

3. A cool fazer
Hey, where is Matt? His is in stealthmode.
by Matt O January 24, 2005
masturbating at your desk at such high speed people around you can't see what's happening.

They just think you are typing loads.
'Gosh - JC can type really fast'
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
To make yourself an invisible pervert.
Where's Bilbo - has he gone on Stealth manouvers again. Aahhh! somethings proding at me scrotum!!!!!!
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
To act without being seen.

To creep.

To act in a pervy way.
JC has activated stealth mode! Quick! Lock up your children!
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
n. the mode that you are in when you turn your headlights off on your car because you're about to do a drive-by.
n. the time when a girl's titties are erect.
Daym!!! Look at that chick in stealth mode!!!
by Jimmy January 11, 2004
the act of having sex while keeping your clothes on. Girl lifts up her skirt and the guy drops his zipper. Commonly done on a downstairs couch if the parents are home.
Goin stealth mode is a real nice way to have sex if you're worried about the folks comin down.
by Miguel March 03, 2005
Taking the cover of the Ti-83 calculator and, instead of sliding it all the way on the back of the unit, placing it at a 100 degree angle from the unit. John McClintock does this.
John McClintock Stealth Mode
by Kevin February 15, 2004

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