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whenever you give the sincere appearance of paying attention when someone is talking to you, but your mind is really somewhere else and not paying attention at all.

Similar to verbal handcuffs, except you at least have to keep your eyes open in the conversation and look at them while the first person is talking.

This could be because you are tired or just plain do not care about what the first person is saying and drift in and out mentally of the conversation. While the first person may think he/she is talking to a real person, he/she is probably really talking to the wind as far as you are concerned.
Robert: So how was the date with Samantha last night?

Ronald: Dude, lame. She started talking about her dead ex, so i went into stealth mode until she stopped talking. Then she thanked me for being such a good listener.

Ex. 2

Reverend: God be with you!!

All: And also with you!

Reverend: Today I'm going to talk about <chatter>..........

All: (Stealth Mode until it is time to leave)
by mainbwana March 24, 2010
bowel movement that does not want to get out when one is sitting down taking a shit, thus giving the perception that the shit is too shy to leave the rectum.

It is usually straining, time consuming, and inconvenient to push out and deal with.
Boss: What is the deal Thomas? Late for the third time this week!

Thomas: (Nervous and with no eye contact)Sorry boss, i was at home with a case of the shy shits.

Boss: (grabbing Thomas' shouler facing him)Well dont we all.

Both laugh
by mainbwana March 02, 2011

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