to be crushed within
The waffle iron staved my fingers...again.
by Tim August 13, 2004
Top Definition
verb, meaning to damage, dent, scratch, scuff, etc. used in maine. past tense stove.
if your not careful you could stave up your face with that chain saw. junior went off the road the other night and stove up the the truck.
by dave October 17, 2003
Stave is a seedy man. He owns a smelly pencil case. He enjoys computer games and forever bulking. He has a watch that matches his cellphone. In his own words he is: "fun, loving, cute, understanding". He likes to walk on his hands.
He is so stave.
#stave #seedy #hairy #scuba #pulling #bitches
by flowersSmellnice October 23, 2013
To sing until Jim Croce appears in Homsar's stupid kids show.
Stave it off. 1, 2, 3. And now you can count to three.
by Jared August 11, 2004
Used in case teachers or parents are around and you want to say a curse word, sub stave in for curse word.
Man, that game was so staved up.
#shit #ass #fuck #dick #bitch
by JWoods May 08, 2008
a nasty sounding word, like stank
gotta stave off that stank, like cutting diamonds with diamonds!
#stank #diamonds #stink #ward #odor
by giobioboy November 12, 2006
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