Top Definition
To walk around like you own the joint- got a bit of a swagger
Tommy was staunching down the hall way and went all up in my grill
by Empty<3 October 02, 2010
When one smokes with the intent of taking a break and then continuing on later that day/night. Staunching is pre-gaming but the alcohol is replaced with marijuana.
Hey we are staunching tonight, come on and get high.
by Sawawam November 02, 2008
To Staunch

This haapens in many nightclubs especially in Australia and New Zealand, where steroid bloated body builders stand around with their arms crossed and flexed shouldering anyone who walks past.
The music was great last night but those fags kept staunching me everytime I walked past.
by Capt. Beefheart April 15, 2005
To break anothers balls; annoy someone; being difficult
Why you staunching for Tasi?
by sdej October 14, 2007
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