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the feeling of elation one experiences when they are quite pleased with their clever facebook (or other online networking site) status. usually accompanied by a smug grin or a laugh that begs to be asked, "what's so funny?"
"having used his iphone to update his facebook, jim smiled with statusfaction at his witty statement, which he was sure would receive numerous comments."
by The Pep April 05, 2009
Being satisfied with the amount of comments and likes recieved on a facebook status.
Facebook user: Wow 46 likes and 123 comments. now thats status-faction
by diego montanegro March 01, 2010
The art of feeling completely gratified by your current post on FaceBook.
With my post receiving so many likes on FaceBook, I have finally achieved STATUSfaction! I am completely STATUSfied.
by jbwritergirl March 26, 2014