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A less popular person commenting on somebody's status causing an end to any conversation going on in the status.
Keith: My status was going awesome then Donald commented on it

Bernard: he is such a status killer
by diago carl sanchezzio October 15, 2009
A random who always finds a way to ruin a perfectly good facebook status through irrelevant comments.
Drew: Look at my sweet status! It took me like an hour to think of it!
Chad: Wow you're gay... too bad that kid ruined it, who the hell is that by the way?
Drew: God damnit thats Greg, he's a notorious status killer.
by booOOOOOOOOGGGIT!! August 23, 2010
When someone you don't especially like leaves an unwanted comment on your facebook status, so people you want actually commenting and liking it tend to avoid it for fear of getting a response from the unwanted commenter.
Drew: "Man I had such a great status!!!"

Johnny: "Yeah man. Too bad Joe had to make the status killer saying'LOL!!!! I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!?!'"
by Tortuga Power February 11, 2011
A person who likes a perfectly likable status that causes others to not like it in return because of the person's personality.
-Man did you see that really good status with those awesome lyrics?

-Yeah it was really insightful and cool.
-You didn't like it though?
-Yeah true.
-Damn status killers taking away from my status' success!!
by André10000 November 07, 2011
A less popular person that comments on another more popular person status causing an end to any conversation going on in the status
hey drew sanders why did you comment on my stats, your such a status killer
by your mans November 30, 2010
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