The asshole of the universe. A place where white kids who try act like they are black, but fail miserably. A place where the Wu-Tang Clan resides. A place where the the short 'A' sound is pronounced 'aw' by some people. A place where the only thing to do is hang out at the mall.
Guy: Hey are you from Staten Island?
White Kid from SI: Yeah Yo! This place is Gawd awful son. I am wearin' my Fubu and I's be goin' to the mall lata'.
by Seanzie April 13, 2004
staten island is a borough of NEW YORK CITY you may not liik iit but guess wat that's wat iit is. all you ppl that shyt on iit that aiint even been 2 NEW YORK but talk bout iit liik iits your second home are faker then hell (LOOK WHERE U LIVIN aka NOT NEW YORK). staten island can B full of fakes but so can the Bronx. Brooklyn. Queenz. & Manhattan. or any other place U go, where U r don't make U fake who U r N how U act does. as far as staten island gurls being sluts or hoes completely false, staten island gurls r picky when iit comes 4rm getting wiit a nigga 4rm another borough cause yall niggas r the SLUTS n HOES fucking every hood rat bitch wiit a stink hole. ii don't rep staten island ii don't go hard 4 iit ii just don't appreciate all U ppl talking shyt so please STOP, THANK YOU!!!
nOn staten islander: your new right?


nOn staten islander: oOo so where you 4rm?

me: staten island.

nOn staten ialander:

(if even knowing bout staten) ewww ii hear iits maddd corny there!

me: mayb iit is mayb iit isn't but that's where ii was born N raised so have some RESPECT damn!!!
by iiTs_just.wat.iiT_is October 01, 2009
Imaginary borough of New York City, the only borough that can't be reached by train.
Staten Island is a wack-ass borough.
by Anastasia DeLuciano December 23, 2003
ok there are alot of people here say crap bout staten island and like half of is not tru. kay the rich kids there not from south beach most rich kids in staten island are from todth hill. most ppl on the island are really rich or act like they are. yeah are accents are heavy and btw the WHOLE ISLAND IS NOT THE DUMP the dumps in fresh kills and so what if half the island is made if itlians .you don't know nothing unless you live there. yea sadly we're the forggetten brough but who cares cuz everyone know staten island is the best. and there is only one mall and basicly one highway and 4 bridges. we're not wannabee's and WE ARE THE ORGINAL GUDIOS/GUDDETTS.
if your from other broughs and you say staten island sucks they why are ppl mostly from brooklyn and queens moving here ?.
by brandnizzle November 06, 2006
boring place to live if your under 16, great place if ur italian, hated by every other boro and jersey, forgotten about. proncounced stat'niland, or staten italy. the shouth shore and mid island are nto as bad as people say on here, if ur jelous cuz we have money and drive nice cars get over it.
a. "what do u want to do today?"
b. "well its staten island"
a. "right, so mall or movies?"
b. "yupp"

people who dont live here shoudl really stop writing gay crap abotu it, cuz im not writing anything about ur city, jersey wants to be us, and the toher boros end up moving here ne way.
by forget the other boroughs July 12, 2006
Name given to the small pile of gristle, burnt bits and spit-outs left on the edge of your plate at the end of a meal.
"Have you finished your dinner?"
"What about that last mouthful?"
"Nah, that's just Staten Island."
by Marc January 26, 2005
Dirty ass borough of new york, no trains go to it, you can take ferries with drunk ass captains though. People smoke a ton of weed there but staten island weed is light green and has almost no smell coz its crap. Italians move there and wish they didnt, italian kids try to act black while, and only have one activity outside of smoking weed which is hanging out at the mall
Yo holla paisan! Lets go chill at the mall, then smoke some "weed" after that we can go on the ferry, then go home and eat some lasagna and ravioli
by sunny April 24, 2004
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