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The shit hole of NYC. A place that is an embarrassment to the rest of New York and we admittedly want to give it away to New York's bastard son, New jersey. However, not even Jersey wants it. Its only connection to NY is through the Verazzano Bridge which connects Bay Ridge to SI. Most of the people are Rich white guido types like in Bay Ridge but the Brooklyn kids are cooler because they arent from SI. Most of the SI kids pretend they are from Brooklyn because they are embarrassed of it themselves. No one has any reason to ever go to SI.
Gumba Johnny: Yo, where you from?
Staten Island thug: Bay Ridge Brooklyn on Main street dawg!!! hOLLLLAA
Gumba Johnny: That street doesnt exist in Bay ridge, you're from Staten Island arent you?
Staten Island thug: shit! dammit...yeah...
by BKBOY February 01, 2007
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