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(adj.) Consistent with face or reality; not false;
The story he told was state.
by StateDefinition October 26, 2009
'that state' or 'a state' - describes a person you has drank one too many bottles of courvoisier before a night out
"hey James, you look like your in that state"
by JP slow July 29, 2004
Noun - A state is someone who is regarded in a negative way for one reason or another. These reasons consist of:
- being ugly
- having a bad dress sense

- being socially unpopular or a social reject (in a community common of the 'state' and the person referring to them as a state)
- having a feature which causes them to be identified as a state, ie bad hair or a bad physique)..
- having a 'bad personality' ie they may be referred to as a state because they are spiteful or ignorant towards others, or particularly to the person referring to them as a state.

All of the above are examples of reasons which are opinions of the person referring to others as states.

A common phrase used to describe someone or something extremely 'statish', usually a situation, is 'United State of...' (see example #4).
1 - Jenny's such a state/Jenny's so statish - she's very ugly, dresses like shit and she's really nasty to me sometimes.

2 - Those kids are such states - Look at what they're wearing!

3 - Can you believe the statishness of them? Their hairstyles are all so statish.

4 - United State of Arsenal losing to Chelsea!
by hazzhaymz January 11, 2010
(adj.) Consistent with fact or reality; not false;
The story he told was state.
by StateDefinition October 29, 2009
a level of existance, other than normal.
There in a vegetative state.
by Noelle April 03, 2005
a really rockin band based out of Cambridge, Mass.
Dude, I just saw the States at the Middle East-- "Puzzle" still rocks!
by bama February 25, 2004
Adj. - of or pertaining to a State college or university; by extension, anything athletic, misogynist, homoerotic, violent, or unneccesarily drunken.
"Dude, stop acting so state."
"So then these state dudes came in and stole our keg."
by yt March 14, 2003