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The trailers that celebrities use while out shooting Film and TV on Locations. They can range in size and level of luxury depending on the status of the celebrity.
Will Smith has the most pimped out starwagon I have ever seen. Its 53ft long and is two stories tall. SICK.
by June 01, 2011
A starwagon is a variety of van manufactured by Mitsubishi Motor Company.
An Starwagon may also be referred to as an L300. In essence, a starwagon is the ultimate van to own, if you are interested in such pursuits as burning, muggin' it up and having a sweet time.
"Ben's starwagon is an amazing vehicle, i wish i had one"
"everyone who's awesome is jumping on the starwagon bandwagon"
"This isn't any ordinary wagon, this is a starwagon!"
by buffMan June 14, 2007

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