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Meaning Gangster.
Used on clothing brands such as "G-star Raw".
The word often causes hayfever in some pigs.
Ellis iz a G-star.
Sealz are G-stars.
Tom iz a G-star.
U iz not a G-star.
#g-star #tom #seal #arf #safe #badman #wanker
by SEAL-TING May 28, 2007
Another Word For Gangster
yeahhhh bludd, were soo G Star
ShortE "Yoo Blud, Don' Thinkin Ya G Star.
Or I'm a gon'open a can of whoop'ass on y'all."
Lil A " Ite Rudeboyy."
#g #g star #gee star #gee sta #gangster #gangsta.
by ShortE && Lil A $ick August 20, 2008
The top gangasta and is like a celebrity around her crew.

The one everyone likes, often see hanging around with her crew! She is the biggest badman around and has bare banta around the streets.
There's g'star with her crew!
#gangasta #crew #celebrity #gstar #g'starr
by mon'dawg April 06, 2011
An abbreivitation on the word gangster or gangsta. Commonly used by people taking the piss. Also can be written g-sta
Hey look, its a group or g-stas, lets throw stones at them!!
by Mista G. February 21, 2005
a white persons word for gangsta
im the hardest g-star around!
by enve May 09, 2005
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