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A cube-dwelling person who works in an office downtown, gets there by driving an enormous SUV, pays full parking in the building garage and lives in a Mc-Mansion in suburbia financed with a sub-prime mortgage.
Look at those starbucks drinkers, they broker than we be.
by KDog93 July 03, 2008
A lawyer, teacher, professor, or any generally upper-middle class person who lives in a suburban town who has studied a certain subject but does not fully understand it, thus cannot have an effect while defending someone in court or teach about drugs, and so forth.
"I don't want some Starbucks drinker who's never seen the battlefield, I need someone who's actually been shot at." -Samuel L. Jackson-

Kids and teens won't listen to some Starbucks drinker lecturing them about drugs, gangs, or sex, they need to hear about it from somebody who's been there and done that.
by DarthUltor November 14, 2009