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To "star six" something is to finish or get rid of it. It is in reference to a sequence of buttons required by many voicemail systems to delete a message without having to listen to its full duration.
Brendan poured a glass of vodka and star sixed it quickly.

"I think I'll stop by the party at your place later, but I have to star six some business at work first."
by RightWhereItsAt September 24, 2006
To get rid of. As in deleting voicemails, the key sequence is *6, as in Star-Six.

Bang Bang, By Dispatch

Goodness, goodness, woe is me
The man nearly flipped to learn
That he was free but just before we
Left and started kicking it
I picked up the bottle and star-sixed it
by bobcatnation August 22, 2007

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