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-To bum a cigarette.
-To not drive one's own vehicle
-Attracted to beastly women
-To question one's sexuality
-To be hated at work by all
-A piece of shit who thinks everyone likes you
-Refer to ear fart!
"hey, can i stap a smoke?"
"honey, can i drive my car today?.....why not?"
"haha that's a good one, you got me good."
"i'm so glad everybody likes me"
by B Clark October 22, 2007
9 9
The process of stopping, slapping, and stabbing someone in that order. Commonly used in incidents of road rage, this is also applicable at marathons.
If this Asian chick doesn't turn off her turn signal I'm gonna have to stap her.
by SFLTimmay February 07, 2009
21 4
a smartass way to say "stop" to someone
"Naw son, stap that."
by JohnnyLurg October 13, 2012
13 2
It's like a white douche bag that thinks he's black
A white kid that is a douche but tries to act black is a stap.
by That white kid. September 08, 2010
9 13
stap: a combination of stab and bap. Commonly used to beat the )*&@% out of others online.
<guy 1> Do these pants make me look fat?
<guy 2> ... *staps guy 1*
by Scott December 20, 2004
2 14