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That elephant from The Simpsons
Bart: Stampy is going ape!
by Emo515 June 06, 2005
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The guy that if he died a thoussand doves would cry
We all love stampy so much
by THE CROTH ROCKET December 01, 2004

1. satisfactory in quality, quantity or to a degree:

2. to approve, favor, or agree with something:
1. After a 3 day Adderall bender, my bed is so stampy right now.
2. Adam texted you back? That's stampy!
by Agent0076 April 24, 2013
the railgun weapon in the quake series of games
by id software
1: I hit him with the stampy

2: he was stampified < spraypainted >
by foxpak February 13, 2004

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