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Stample is a descriptive, almost onomatopoeic, word to describe the act of being trampled on in a stampede. Usually by a herd of elephants, bison, or water buffalo.

This word comes in handy whilst on safari, or at your local rodeo when describing accidentally falling in to the steer corrall after a few drinks.
"Struth, I was almost stampled by a heard of elephants."
by Melanie Carlson January 28, 2006
Stample is a word made up to cheat in scrabble. It is not currently found in any English dictionaries and is not sufficiently different from trample to justify an entry.
Were those walmart shoppers stampled to death?

No, what are you retarded? They were trampled.
by scrabblist February 12, 2009
The act of being trampled in a stampede.
During the fire drill, students and teachers panicked and many were stampled.
by atlintott December 10, 2009

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