To be stoned and amped. To be under the influence of non-medicinal cannibus, and also twacked on methamphedamines.
"I'm bored, let's get stamped!
by The Twackler January 14, 2005
when a man is hitting it from behind and accidentally goes for the booty, but doesn't go all the way in.
Chad asked Melanie if she had ever done it in the butt before, she said "no but i've been stamped many times"
by merisha December 05, 2007
to be stoked and amped
im so stamped about going on the hellavator
by Unknown Person August 30, 2005
to get extremly party like drunk
to go to the club and get drunk
yo you guys wanna go get stamped?
by mike04 January 02, 2006
when a person is really drunk and needs to stop
You cant even stand cus u drank all those beers. Dude your stamped.
by Polasky May 25, 2006
when drugs have been mixed to dilute there purity
"He has stamped all over this coke"
by seano100 January 05, 2006

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