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1.) Noun. A name used for a popular college based social webpage becuase of the ease of "researching" other people on it. 2.) Verb. When one does "research" on someone on said popular college based social webpage.
I met Ashley at the bar, found at she went to State, but didn't get her number. So, I looked her up on stalkbook.

Before his blind date, Jon stalkedbooked Lisa.
by Bobby B for Free April 08, 2006
To cyber-stalk people via Facebook or (heaven forbid) myspace.
Girl 1: Dude, those guys were bomb!
Girl 2: Seriously bomb. Let's go home and stalkbook them!
by JMoney Leonhart January 24, 2009
The new name for the newest version of Facebook which now shows everybody's status at once on your home page. This helps in the process of stalking people and finding out what they are doing at that moment. Having everybody's status on your home page helps in the stalking proces because there is less clicking to find out what others are doing, it is all there for you.
Person 1: Have you been on stalkbook lately?

Person 2: Yeah I found this really hot chick who I have friended and am now facebook stalking but thanks to the new stalkbook I don't have to type in her name to see what she is doing.
by Johnny M. B. March 23, 2009
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