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Waiting and Spying on a guy just until the time is right to make your move.
I'll wait to make my move because im on a stakeout.
by Faythe May 07, 2006
(v) To alter ones daily habits such that your physical location collides with the physical location of a person you wish to have sex with. See "The Stakeout Method" for more information
Person 1: "So how did you meet your girlfriend?"
Person 2: "I did the stakeout outside of her office everyday and casually walked in the same direction as her until she noticed me."
by Stakeoutpioneer April 14, 2015
to love something or someone alot!
1.) i stake kamsicle out
2.) kamsicle is a stake-out girlie
3.) i stake someone out <3
by Renee <3 June 19, 2006
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