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A religion, cult, or belief system that’s principles are found through random mediums of nature i.e. rain on a sunny day, crimes of passion, epiphanies of a narcissist, crying during orgasm. Followers usually worship the Virgin Goddess. The holistic philosophy is rooted deeply in an appreciation and indebtedness to dichotomy and integrations.
I recruited a new follower of Staceyism today!

She is a total Stacist!
by 1Founder February 07, 2009
16 7
A Staceyism is something that a person does. An act that shows little commonsense. Or even what could be considered as an act of 'Blondness' in a Brunette.
> Staceyism is something along the lines of ...

> Trying to unlock the car, then realising that yours is parked next to it...

> Using long words to make yourself look intellegent, however none of them are in context...

>Getting confused between Birdsong-Sebastian Faulks, Regeneration-Pat Barker and Toy Story...or just generally reality and disney films...

> It is normally followed by ..'I don't know why i'm suprised'
by slawrence26 April 14, 2009
10 13