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you blow your load between your partners butt cheeks and then squeeze em together real tight to hear it squelch.
Man, I was hitting it doggy style when I pulled out and sqwinched all up in that booty.
by HandsomeJack86 November 11, 2013
6 Words related to sqwinch
1. To pinch.
2. To squish.
3. To cram.
4. To smoosh.
5. To press.
6. To push.
7. To pull.

It can also be used for various other words, most having to do with the above 7.
1. "I'll sqwinch you!"
2. "I sqwinched that bug."
3. "I sqwinched up in the corner."
4. "Let's sqwinch the dough!"
5. "Sqwinch the button."
6. "Sqwinch it through the door!"
7. "Sqwinch the lever hard!"
by Cor September 05, 2003

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