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1n. A baby squid.

2n. A squirrel that rides on the back of a MushZoom.

1v.{ed}{ing} To smile excessively.

2v.{ed}{ing} To make a mess.
1n. Aww... The little sqweeb just inked.

2n. Dude, did you just see Squeebz go by?

1v. She was squeebing when she won the lottery last week.

2v. What the hell?! You just sqweebed all over my shoes!
by XxAlyxx_AtrociousxX October 14, 2008
1. A redneck that is racist. 2. Someone who cares for no one but himself. 3. Someone who is not open minded. 4. A person with little to no life value, and does not help society in any positive way.(a waste of space)
"That sqweeb just beat that black man for looking at him wrong!" / "That sqweeb just sits in his house all day trolling people on the internet." / "Harold just went to the store and made a clerk think he was buying something just to get his hopes up. What a sqweeb!" / "Our senator didn't support gay marriage. Well I hope that sqweeb cries himself to sleep now that it's legal"
by SEKE Leader July 31, 2015
Unintelligent homosexual nerdy type person.(Stupid Ass Queer Dweeb)
Shut the F*** up sqweeb and go hump a tree.
by Matthew Fields October 15, 2008
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