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2 definitions by XxAlyxx_AtrociousxX

n. A magical, multicolored, rocket powered mushroom in which small talking woodland creatures use for speedy travel.
Squeebz just flew by on a MushZoom!!
by XxAlyxx_AtrociousxX October 14, 2008
1n. A baby squid.

2n. A squirrel that rides on the back of a MushZoom.

1v.{ed}{ing} To smile excessively.

2v.{ed}{ing} To make a mess.
1n. Aww... The little sqweeb just inked.

2n. Dude, did you just see Squeebz go by?

1v. She was squeebing when she won the lottery last week.

2v. What the hell?! You just sqweebed all over my shoes!
by XxAlyxx_AtrociousxX October 14, 2008