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a native american woman, extremely offensive
sqwa, go get me a beer
by stilluminati June 30, 2005
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when you are not feeling so good, you have to use hand movements to say it, or else it is meaningless. you have to put your hands ina fist and flick out your fingers and shout in a highpitched voice "SQWA!"
james: hey, you comming out tonight sophie?
sophie: naaaaa, im feelin pretty "SQWA" *hand movements*
james: ahhh never mind, another day, when your not feeling so SQWA
by rosieeeeeeeeeee October 09, 2007
refeering to ones Biotch
make me a jumanji eggo sqwa, Now! or i will come to your house and kick ur dog.
by Mubushra December 31, 2004

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