(v.) to fight, scrap, throw-down
You finna squop bro?!
by ShHmandala September 20, 2012
Top Definition
skin between your gouch and where your actual balls are. its part of the ball sack but your balls arent there, theyre lower. its squishy. your squop only appears when your balls are saggy, not when youre cold.
ive got a huge squop right now
by sam n June 18, 2008
Describes an extremely boring or uninteresting moment in a person's life.
Me: Dude stop talking i'm falling asleep . Jack: What you mean? Me: Nigga I mean your convo is squop as a bitch .
by Ainii December 27, 2011
To cover an opponent's wink with one's own in a game of tiddlywinks
it's a little gay but, tiddlywink on ya w/my squop
by thingus!Uarelookitup October 20, 2009
the movement ommited by a walrus, a word mixture of the words squirm and flop which is what the walrus does.
wow jamie did you see that walrus squop away from the hungry polar bear.
by svenvicoid November 04, 2008
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