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Squidward's alter-ego on the SpongeBob SquarePants Goes Prehistoric episode.
Squog (speaking in "prehistoric" language): No tabanga Gary pooka! Tabanga esa ooka sela! Tabanga doo, tabanga doo!
by snailpo July 09, 2005
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A guy who looks like a squrriel, but acts like a dog.
That dude looks like a squog.
by sendy123 January 05, 2012
like a square. but if you write squog a lot in maths, you get a detention.
by fairy nuff September 24, 2003
From the ancient word ladyus stumpiuss meaning small girlfriend
erm, a girlfriend who is only 4` 11
by skunkzombie January 09, 2005
a person who looks like a mix between a dog and squid.
by bob September 08, 2003

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