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New Zealand slang verb.

A short peak or inspection of something. Casual and informal behaviour of the action is inferred by the verb.

Often joined by the adverb, quick. eg. quick squizzy.

May also infer an action of tinkering, such as a fiddle with something. eg, "yeah, come have a squizzy" may be used in response to two mechanics who can't seem to work out a problem in a car enginne
"Can I just take a quick squizzy?"

"Yeah, come have a squizzy"

"We just had a quick squizzy at the new showroom"
by AnonymousKiwi February 16, 2010
a cigarette full of marijuana.
"ay yo nigga, you got any blunts?"
"naw dawg"
"roll up a squizzy den"
by pussy farter. August 23, 2009
(slang) A cigarette. (Squizzarette may also be used, but not as often)

I first heard this term used in the early 90's by deadheads
Damn, I'm down to my last squizzy...
by Dann August 13, 2004
An Australian term for "have a quick look" or "inspect this object". Used casually.
"G'day Bob, come over and have a squizzy at my new fridge!"

"Hey Rob, want to go over to the markets for a squizzy?"

"Oi Trevor, did you have a squizzy at that girl last night? She was pretty hot."
by RozeyK October 01, 2015
1. extremely bad
2. so tight, hot & squeezy
1.You squizzy bastard.
2. Squizzy cunt
by Mooot69 November 25, 2014
1) A combination of Fuzzy and Squishy
2)soft yet squishes and has the softest fluff in the world on it
Duuude! That dog plushie is so squizzy!
by Terribly-and-completely-bored February 20, 2006
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