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A loving hug, somewhere in between a glomp and a squish. The enacter of the squizzle must try to constrict breathing, but not so much as to cause internal injuries, much like those accompanied with glompage.
Aww, you're so cute. I just want to squizzle you all day long.
by boysnoggage December 05, 2004
46 23
Another word for female ejaculation or in other words squirting.
"I'm gunna squizzle all over the place."
by harryallybooty December 19, 2013
3 0
To urinate, only a little, while laughing really hard.
Please don't make me laugh anymore, I'm going to squizzle!
by RK Chicas April 05, 2008
21 20
a girl with good ass curves and a nice body
guy : hmmm look at that squizzle over there

guy2: she thick as hell!!
by Sammitch 45 September 18, 2010
6 9
British variant on the word "squire".
To bar owner: Evening Squizzle, how's tricks?
by haiqu April 05, 2005
18 23
word used for a cigarette
Hey bro, let me get a squizzle!
by kgb109 April 11, 2006
9 16
a small strip torn from a cigarette pack twisted up into a spiral and rolled into the end of a joint or cigarette to prevent tobacco/weed from going into your mouth, ensuring the entire joint is smokable and also to add form and structure to the end of the cigarette
yo man, roll a squizzle into that jay so we can smoke all of it without burning our lips
by liam679 June 12, 2009
0 8