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phenominal special group of adult, legal-age women 18 &19 years of old that have the gift and talent and ability to externally ejaculate when they orgasam effectively spraying everything and / or everyone in the path of their forceful, mini-firehose / garden-sprinkler type cum-shower thank you ladies ! (-:
WOW !!! I must be DICKMAN 'cause I just made my woman cum so hard she blasted squirt accross the room and short-circuted the stereo on the dresser, soaked all the bed linen and I guess gave ME a facial ! OH YEAH ! i'm lovin' it ! that's gotta be the nastiest, most extraodinary spectacularly best experience EVER! (DAMN I'M GOOD ! ) little did I know what she meant when I asked her her age and she replied " I'm SQUIRTEEN" what was in store thank you to all you freaks
by grzly aka norcalbevreter July 20, 2011
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