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suspicious;not being straight up;beating around the bush;being up to no good;sneaky;sly;manipulative;untruthful
I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who acts squirly.
by charisse justiniano March 10, 2004
When you're really drunk or hungover. It's just a feeling, ya know?
I'm going to lay low tonight. I've been feeling squirly all day and can't shake it.

Scenario: At a bar.

Discussion: I gotta get the fuck outta here.
by KMYERS September 07, 2009
<adj> Refers to a straight woman who occasionally "flips" and sleeps with another woman, most often in swinger-style scenarios.
Mona's not generally into chicks but she's been known to get squirly after a few whiskey cokes.
by DyeingSwan February 26, 2009