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1. The result of an attempt at drawing a circle with just a pencil.

2. A mythical shape that resembles both a square and a circle at exactly the same time. This is both impossible and extremly stressful to attempt to draw. It is much like drawing a four-sided triangle.
1. "Dude, use this compass else you'll end up drawing squircles again."

2. Stupid Idiot: "Ive done it! Ive drawn the mythical squircle!"

Friend of stupid idiot: "No, thats yet another square with rounded edges."
by kikumbob October 10, 2005
a square with round corners/ a circle with 4 sides
"my keyboard is shaped like a squircle"
by Geoffrey Erickson December 12, 2005
A 'squircle' is a person with a shaped head not quite like a circle, yet not quite like a square.

They tend to be rather unnattractive and have a swollen face.

A squircle, is a combination of a circle and a square hence the name.
"Oh my God, have you seen that Squircle"

"His face is Squircle"

"Squircle features"
by Skank1 January 18, 2010
A square combined with a circle. Its really fun to scream it at people over xbox live
It's not a square its a SQUIRCLE!!!!
by Iggy2972 November 06, 2009
When you are driving around a city block but find yourself back in the same spot that you started in.
"Dude, we are driving in squircles here..."
by Z Skywalker July 02, 2009
A circle with straight sides, or a square with rounded edges.
My new dinner plates are squircles, very modern squared-off circles.
by Cory Flanagan June 16, 2008
A square circle, or a square with rounded edges.
I was walking while intoxicated, and i began walking in squircles.
by ultimategamer01 December 06, 2008
The combination of a square and a circle
Square + circle = squircle
by Squircle king March 27, 2013