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Portsmouth slang for a person who moans and whinges a lot.
That lads a right sqinny.
Stop squinnying and have a word with yourself.
He sits shanting in the boozer all day squinnying like a dinlow.
by Danny pompey December 11, 2006
Person who whines,crys and/or moans about everything
john was a right squinny about his test results.
by paul blachford. March 13, 2003
See above definition. It is clearly accurate.
DB: "Aww...Trevor got a bo-bo, and I was too busy feeding chipmunks to care..."

Anyone: Shut up you squinny beeotch!!
by shadow hayta August 31, 2004
A half squirrel half bunny
Honey and Daisy are squinnies. the plural of squinny is squinnies
by SQUINNYLUVER246 November 04, 2011