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Contraction of squid ink;to obfuscate
He didn't really have any proof. All he did was add more squink to the argument.
by Caligula Jones February 14, 2008
an uneasy and betrayed feeling
It gives me the squinks to think that somebody was back in the dressing room area who shouldn't have been.
by megmyday September 22, 2008
Slang. noun. adj. verb. any form of amphetamine that is high grade.
they didnt sleep for days after doing all of that squink.

Got Squink?

we were squinking like the king of egypt.

the waiter was a little squnky wasnt he ?
by the goat boy November 16, 2009
verb - to complain, especially about trivial matters. (squinking)
noun - a person, especially my daughter, who is "high maintenance."
Adverb - Squinky, squinkish
v. She certainly does squink a lot.
v. If you don't stop that squinking, I don't know what I'll do!
n. He pinched her cheek and declared, "You're a cute little squink!"
adv. "Stop being so squinky!" She said to the three year old.
by Jim Hulme March 31, 2006
onomatopea: the sound that is produced from a squigee on a wet window.
squink squnk went the window cleaner's squigee against the wet window
by lewis March 22, 2005
A cute little thing.
Your hamster is a squink.

Check out the squink across the street.
by artlong July 16, 2005
The action of feeling uncomfortable in a squeamish sort of way. An uncomfortableness.

The action of feeling uncomfortable in an embarrassed sort of way. Cringingly embarrassed.
"Just looking at house centipedes makes me squink!"

"I heard he tongued his sister, doesn't that just make you squink?"

"I has just finished talking about how hot he was, when I realized he was right behind me. I completely squinked."
by ephelba April 26, 2008

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