1: A lowly creature.

2: A small creature that Moves quickly on all fours.

3: A word used for insulting a dispicable being.
The marsh was infested with various squine tribes.
by Will Rowen February 18, 2007
An alcoholic beverage for 40+ year old women, made with an equal mixture of Squirt and white wine.

My mom loves to drink Squine.
by margret40 September 20, 2008
The act of finding a dead squirell on the ground and growing a passion for squirells. One makes a shrine of the squirell in its tree, and every time the shrine is visited a waterbottle, cap on, must be inserted to the viewers anus. The life long dream of one who squines is to have sex with a live squirell without contracting AIDS, which is rather hard to do actually.
When will my true squirell love come find me and have sex with me where i squine'd.
by TehGuzzler April 21, 2011
To squeal and whine together
He squined for his toy
Stop squining
That squiney bastard
by abidn October 20, 2007

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