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1. something that is completely radical.
2. something that is "retro."
3. someone who is beyond awesomeness.
Mikey: you see that girl take that gnarley wave?

Steven: totally she is all SQUIBBIES.

Mikey: cha SQUIBBIES for sure.
by DJ_Jessie May 13, 2009
A partially smoked cigarette usually found in ashtrays or on the floor.
roadkill: do you have a stougie?
jonny: no, i just smoked my last one. but look in the ashtray over there for a squibby.
roadkill: ight nigga thanx.
by akaroadkill April 05, 2010
Another name for a Chevy Corsica.
Did you see that piece of shit sqiubby go by?
by Kayla May 04, 2004