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A non-smoked cigarette.
roadkill: do you have a stougie?
jonny: no, i just smoked my last one. but look in the ashtray over there for a squibby.
roadkill: ight nigga thanx.
by akaroadkill April 05, 2010

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Pronounced stu-gee. A dance move where one does the "Starfish" and "Dougie" at the same time. Believed to be originated at WE Fest 2010, the dance move can be performed to the song "Teach me how to Dougie" or on its own where it is equally as effective. Known for creating best friendships.
Teach me how to stougie, teach, teach me how to stougie!

errbody stougie, err errbody stougie!

The groupe immediately became best friends after they did the stougie together.
by samiesiam August 10, 2010