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the act of ejaculating in or around someone's mouth
Jeff just got squezzed on in the back seat of his car.
by SQUEZZ December 12, 2010
A seventeen year old ethnic man who texts 12 year olds as a way of getting himself off and then goes home to bang his dentists daughter. He plays the sports card as the only way to get women and secretly likes men. He uses women to hide his true homosexuality.
When the dentist was giving his daughter an oral exam he saw the tatto "squez was here"
by OHWILLIAM!! March 27, 2011
When one's pants are so tight that the ass of the pants actually sucks itself up into the crack of the wearer's ass. Almost like a reverse camel toe.
Jessica hoped no one would notice that she had grown too big for her favorite pair of jeans. They were badly squez.
by devon_the_mack October 29, 2007
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