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An ugly wench. Typically a wench that is overweight and disgusting to look at.
There were squenchs about that made me nearly vomit.
by Reded January 22, 2007
A portmanteau of "squish" and "clench", denoting the act of two soft objects pressing against each other.
"That meeting was really tense; my bumcheeks were squenched.
by Brett Billingsly September 11, 2012
Squench, verb: To squat down low to the ground while farting in an attempt to hide the stench.
"William, did you just take a knee? No, I was squenching and you're lucky I did because I had a big bean burrito for lunch."
by P.U. Willy January 27, 2014
Any and every word that can be used.
I squenchily squenched your mom's squenchy squench last night.
by SQUENCH October 14, 2010
While I'm sure the above one is true, it is also the act of massaging a cock hotdog style with your ass cheeks

see the tokyo shuffle
We were doin the shuffle but she couldnt squench hard enough
by xhollywoodx January 10, 2006