a person who is very good at the video game counter-strike.
You suck, You're no squeege.
by collin skeetz August 16, 2006
someone who believes they're at a high position at a low paying job.
someone who will believe they're better than you because of their position at a low paying job.
someone who will do anything their boss tells them to do.
squeege - "i didn't ask you to put away everything, i told you." regular employee - "i know, you DID tell me to put away everything in a question format, but we were supposed to be doing the same thing anyways so i don't understand why you can't help me." squeege - it's because i TOLD you, do i seriously need to council you?" regular employee - " no.... i thought you would just be considerate enough to help me..." squeege - "you thought wrong, get back to work." regular employee - "wow, he's such a squeege, i don't understand why he's so strict, he's only making a dollar more than me and it's gone way above his head." regular employee's co-worker - " that guys a squeege, he'll do whatever he's told even if it's a penny more than you make as long as he's making more than you." regular employee - "oh alright, that make perfect sense taking his squeege like personality into consideration."
by jeff bridgezz June 13, 2010
A variation on the wedgie...where you pull the the waistband of a pair of BOXERS up above the pant line...in a similar motion to a wedgie...but because of the design of the boxers...it does not form a "wedge" but rather a wide pull on the victim's bum
I lifted him right off the ground when I gave him a Squeege.
by Vernondavemack December 08, 2009
to twist the water out of a rag, towel ect.
I squeeged the water out of the towel because it was to wet.
by Dylan82292 July 24, 2008
having to pee.....maybe.....just a little bit....
"i have to take a squeege..."
by ur mom biz-witch October 06, 2006
When you need to piss in a public bathroom and there is a gay lawyer using the only urinal , and he wants you to squeeze by his ass to get to the stall, whilst he has pud in hand.
I have to use the restroom...you can squeege by if you like.
by Nallywood July 01, 2004
along the same lines as a skid, usually refering to a dirty, or criminal like person ... think corey and trevor from the show "trailer park boys"
Some fuckin' squeege stole my bike !!!
by Ski-bo May 04, 2005
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