A cat that tends to climb up trees and anything else that it possibly can. You often mistake these cats for an oddly colored squirrel. Topically this happened more in Squittens then Squats.
"Whys that squirrel black hunny?"

"Uhh lets get closer"

"Nah hun it's just a Squat "
by Adream0fsin February 01, 2009
an enormous squirrel ravishing a cat. the end result of the animalistic love making.
the squat came from the cat's womb
by heartlessbeast January 17, 2009
To fight, usually a street gang saying.
Let's squat mutha fucka.
by Ghost_Killah October 18, 2007
what the girl on crazy/beautiful did when she needed to piss.
"I'm a go pop a squat"
by PYRO May 18, 2004
1. To take a shit.
2. TO workout
3. To pee (for women)
by Danteezy Fo' Sheezy February 26, 2003
to crap
man... get outta the bathroom! I gotta take a huge squat!
by steve-o December 05, 2002
Past tenths of Squittle. To have expelled a running shit.
Oops!, i just squat my pants.
by Michael Rae March 05, 2005

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