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Vaginal Juices when a women is arroused.
Man, after sex I had to use two towels to clean all her squat sauce off my fuck stick.
by ChrisRU October 27, 2005
The liquid that your anus uncontrollably releases when you sit down to go to the bathroom the day after receiving Anal Sex.

Caution: May unexpectedly seep out during a fart, so to be safe you may want to stay home that day.

At first it scared me, but now I know that I will inevitably have Squat Sauce the day after I get fucked in the ass!
by GOTS2FIT August 07, 2007
I had to race to the bathroom and squat sauce.
by Scottwax April 26, 2003
The act of accidentally defecating (crapping) whilst enjoying sexual intercourse or anal sex.
James was shocked to find his privates marinated in Judy's squat sauce during an intimate lovemaking session.
by crazybaby83 December 11, 2008
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