A place to eat and shit.
Man, where's a decent squat and gobble around here?
by Kodie January 17, 2004
Top Definition
Food court; collection of fast food counters around a court with tables.
Every mall has a squat and gobble and a bunch of restaurants whose prices make the crap at the squat and gobble attractive.
by P Brain December 08, 2007
Carnival sex act where you pack your consenting partners ass with honey and potato chips, tie their hands behind their back with carnival rope, and lower them into a bathtub full of debeaked turkeys. The carny must then squat down and masturbate to climax using anything they can capture with their knees before being untied.
For a man with six fingers on two hands, Carl is the best squat and gobble carny in five states. I once saw him dispatch a king size jacuzzi worth of turkeys in ten minutes, and I think one of the turkeys fell in love!
by jigoku November 06, 2007

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