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"Can I get you a drink?" "I'll have a squashed strawberry alleycat." "I'm not sure what that is" 'It's simple, it's 12 fresh strawberries sliced, 3 ounces of dark rum, a splash of creme de..."
a squashed strawberry alley cat is 12 large strawberries, chopped. 3 ounces dark rum, a splash of creme de menthe. 1 ounce of suger. a thimble of grape pucker. a soupcon of cinammon. a touch of rupleminze. a klaxon of pineapple sauce. a grimace of red wine. Garnish with a muskmelon wedge, a hyacynthe petal, a childs laughter, and a tampon.
by butterballs October 11, 2008
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