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something that is like a square
a cube made out of bubbles, a squary drawing
by Patrick F.M. Brown October 18, 2007
1. A square piece of cloth (or a tissue) that a man uses to catch or clean-up his seed when making love to himself. Also known as a wank-cloth.
2. Something used to clean up jizz.
3. A rag used by sailors or other men who go a while without female contact.
4. A derogatory term for a fuck-buddy, or other short term partner.
1. Is that a squary hanging in your shower?
2. Wow this peep-show has a squary dispenser at the end of all the booths.
3. It's been three weeks since last port, today I had to put my squary through the wash because it was becoming stiff and hard like sandpaper.
4. How is that squary you have going?
by 4rgum3nt June 30, 2012