A bottle of Bundaberg Rum. Named after its square shape and Polar bear logo.
Got a 40 oz Square Bear and 1.2L Coke, all set!
by ringfeeder December 23, 2008
Top Definition
Derogatory word for straight edge or someone who wont break the rules.

" that niggas a square bear"
by Big Roc 702 April 22, 2008
a person who's stupid, boring, lame etc...
he's a fuckin square bear!
by SaraH April 24, 2005
A man with no friends and labelled as a weirdo. Often bullied by they're nieces
Oh uncle Dave, your such a square bear.....
by Elliemaiiii1234 July 24, 2016
one with a job and no points against them, learns from friends screw-ups not being able to stick it to the man properly.
square bear: being able to know there priorities over what they want, due to point racking friends.
See Scoob; Greenlee
That guy is the biggest squarebear I've ever seen in my life.
by C-Lo, Anti-Scoob October 05, 2008
the act of being sexy, fine & adorable ;]
* GOD DAMN! albert looking like a square bear! today.
by lazy23 May 12, 2008
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