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A fair fight, the implication being of no-interference by either sides mates. Heard often on the streets of every town and city in Scotland soon after pubs call last orders.
"Square go ya radge!"
by Snakeheid October 16, 2003
A scottish call to fight after alternative means have been exhausted.
Basically meaning me and you,let's square up and punch the shit out each other.
When One's patience has been exhausted by the aggrevating assailant the cry goes up for a "SQUARE-GO!"
by Peat Bog Man February 06, 2002
- Square (a): (Source: Wiktionary)

1. Honest; Straightforward.
2. Fair.

- Go (v) (intransitive): (Source: Wiktionary)

1. To fight or attack.

- Square Goes:

1. A common Scottish idiom used to provoke a fight with another. It is implied that such a fight would be conducted fairly, with no input from third parties (such as friends, or weapons).
Excuse me dear sir, but you seem to have impeded my honour. Square goes, you insufferable bam!
by Tindap August 19, 2010
Scottish slang for "Duel".
Arthur: "Tell me, Percy, does your wife enjoy rape?"

Percy: "Square go, sir."
by Wlady June 01, 2011
two of the few words in the common ned's vocabulary. whenever talking to someone they want to pick a fight with, they use the words "square goes" this is supposed to threaten the other person or maybe even frighten them. if that person had any commonsence, it would have had the opposite effect.
see also your ma ya bam and wido
"r u pure gettin hard ya wido? sqaure goes ya bam"
by random_bulldog January 14, 2004
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