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4 definitions by Wlady

Scottish slang for "Duel".
Arthur: "Tell me, Percy, does your wife enjoy rape?"

Percy: "Square go, sir."
by Wlady June 01, 2011
29 16
Someone who doesn't want, or isn't capable of getting, a job and lives off benefits.
Nigger, you're a giro buster, mad at me when you see me drive by.
by Wlady June 28, 2011
5 1
Poor (black) man's Pimp Limp.
Lord Edric: Say, Sambo, have you hurt your leg?
Samb: No, massa, jus' doin' ma chimp limp
by Wlady August 21, 2011
2 2
Extremely offensive insult in Scotland, similar to dafty. Use against neds and junkies at your peril. If one junkie uses it against a fellow junkie it can result in a hilarious verbal battle until one stabs the other, which is equally hilarious.

Usually one junkie baits the other into violent reaction so that he can claim damages in court by saying "Ya fuckin' bam". However, there is actually no space inbetween each word when a junkie uses it. Infact, the faster you can say "Yafuckinbam" the more powerful junkie you are.
Junkie 1: "Yafuckinbam"
Junkie 2: "Wit, yafuckindafty?"

Junkie 1: "Wit, ya bam?
Junkie 2: "Who you callin' a bam, ya dafty?"

Junkie 1: "Who you callin' a dafty, ya bam?"
Junkie 2: *brandishes knife*
by Wlady May 06, 2011
11 14