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When police arrive you run
When 5-0 come we gone squale!
by JOe February 11, 2004
colloquiallism used to indicate to others a need to flee when law enforcement draws near.
Squale! The pigs are out to arrest another non-white person and put him in jail for shit that a white person would not even get stopped for! Fuck the police!
by Dingus June 11, 2004
A term used to call out the hottest of chicks. Used in public or at a party out loud so your friends can hear and she doesnt know what it refers too.
"Squale' across the street"
by mest October 09, 2005
An animal who is half squid and half whale. They are very gentle characters, but tend to be shy. Once a squale becomes familiar with whom they are around, they become quite friendly. Squales are known to look like humans to those that do not believe in them, and are very rare. There is some notion that squales belong to a secret society.
Brian, the squale loves Darka the Darka, and Taisa the Frenchie, but feels that Darka the Darka does not believe in Brian the squale
by Brian Schwartz February 10, 2008
A mix between a squirrel and a whale. Someone who has a squirrel face on a whale body. Usually a big bitch.
Douche: your a shitty ass friend
Pro: Whatever SQUALE !
by gybnu April 21, 2009

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