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Term used to describe the Police coming, used primarily when partaking in illegal activity, such as a dice game, or smoking weed.

Yelling 'squalay' does not necessarily mean to run, it's totally situation dependant. If you're playing a dice game, and someone yells 'squalay!', just pick up the dice and cool out, if you just did the armed robbery thing, you better get ghost.
Three young gentlemen are jumping someone, and trying to take his chain...

One of the three men sees the cops before his friends.

He says: 'Squalay!'

All three gentlemen run, hopefully after acquiring the chain.
by James Jackson, from B-lo August 10, 2006
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squalay means to flee, run, storm out,bounce ond a double, put da pedal to da heard on Cam'ron's "Oh Boy"
"When da cops come...SQUALAY"

"Yo, B, there go them g's we ruffed up da otha night...yo they loaded! SQUALAY!"
by EAST_BOY_manni July 17, 2004
Squalay is the police, Like in The Game's song Certified Gangster.
Jim Jones: "See 5-0 slow the ride"
"I see squalay nigga"
by Jaymz April 01, 2005
Means to leave.
Dude we gotta squalay or we'll be late.
by crapulousity March 02, 2009
a giant nooter big enough to eat five hamburgers
i have a squalay
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
dawg...squalay does not mean to flee or means to suck that meat real nice
Squalay in my white tee!
by MLSman333 October 19, 2004

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